SEND and Inclusion

Leeds Jewish Free School SEND Local offer

Universal School Provision

We place a strong emphasis on the personalised approach we can make to the learning of every student. This statement has to be worded very carefully to avoid identifying individual pupils.

All our students are taught in mixed ability classes, or core and higher with a strong emphasis being placed on challenge, with support for all pupils. As such work is differentiated in a numbers of ways:

  • Starting point
  • Potential outcomes
  • Resources available
  • Use of personal IT equipment
  • Peer support/partners
  • Personalised marking and feedback

Members of the teaching staff regularly hold reviews that identify barriers to learning and put support in place when necessary. This may include small group support or dedicated sessions with individual teachers, the National Tutoring Programme or the SENCO.  These are particularly focused on Reading and Numeracy but we also have tutoring support across a number of diverse curriculum subjects according to need.

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Where a student needs change quickly and/or for the short term only immediate changes are made to address these needs. This can include bereavement, social emotional needs, medical needs and physical needs.

Staff are regularly briefed and trained on relevant changes and the information and suggested support mechanisms are available on file for all staff.

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How are we developing our work to support students?

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Pastoral Support

Our pastoral team and Form Tutors play an essential part in meeting the social and emotional needs of the students. For Key Stage 3, the Student Manager is Daliah Aibi and for Key Stage 4, this is Joe Jagger.  The Student Manager that coordinates the pastoral support alongside safeguarding is Tracy Smith.

The support is targeted at the beginning and the end of each day, as well as lunchtime. Form periods are at the end of every day and include follow up to issues arising during the day and the tracking of behaviour stamps and comments.  In some instances, students are on a ‘report’ programme which may be used to target specific learning or behavioural needs.

Support is also offered through The Zone (Youth Centre) based on site. Their Youth Work staff offer 1:1 support at times agreed with the school.

Adaptive and Alternative curriculum 

SEND issues whilst recognised as a need, are not considered to be a barrier to outstanding progress.

We make adaptations to both the curriculum and delivery methods to ensure that every student has the chance to make aspirational progress in as many subjects as is possible.

Some students can have permanent or temporary changes to their curriculum to ensure their needs are being met. This is usually as part of the agreed Statement/EHC provision.

Resources are adapted to help access including varying colour of paper as well as size of text for dyslexic pupils and specific instructions and guidance for pupils with conditions such as Asperger’s Syndrome. They may also include timetable adjustments and monitoring.

Some pupils are given 1:1 support to improve access to activities such as homework.

In some cases, medical needs, whilst not a SEND issue, do present a barrier to learning. In these cases modifications are agreed to the school day, specific lessons and activities to ensure maximum access and progress is made. Where appropriate a full medical care plan will be written, supported by the School Nurse Service.

Support from other specialist external agencies is used where appropriate. Currently we are working with:

  • Alwoodley Extended Services Family Support Worker
  • Leeds Jewish Welfare Board
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • STARs (Specialist Autistic Support Service)
  • CAMHs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)
  • Education Psychology Service
  • The Zone (on site youth provision)

Every pupil on the SEN register has as an IEP that is reviewed with the student and parents.

Leeds City Council Local Offer

Where appropriate and needed we work closely with Leeds City Council to ensure the needs of all students are met. The link below gives details of the Leeds Local Offer.

Review of our SEND Local Offer

This offer statement will be reviewed annually. Our offer is very personal and specific and it will be adjusted and amended regularly as the school expands and the cohorts change.

SEN Information Report

Mrs Charlie Kelsey – Interim Executive Headteacher

Mrs L Simons – SENCo

Alex Abrams- SEN Governor



Grounded in the core Jewish values of the importance of family, of education and of being an active contributor to the community, the school will be open to pupils of all faiths and none.

As an inclusive school LJFS welcomes all pupils irrespective of their specific needs. Through our Special Educational Needs Co–ordinator (SENCO) and our Inclusion Manager we will ensure that we work closely with outside agencies and the Local Authority to ensure that individual children’s needs are well met.

English as an Additional Language
LJFS has committed:

  • To give all students the opportunity to overcome any barrier to learning and assessment (See Inclusion Policy)
  • To welcome and value the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences that students with EAL bring to LJFS
  • To implement school–wide strategies to ensure that EAL students are supported in accessing the full curriculum
  • To help EAL students to become confident and fluent in speaking and listening, reading and writing in English in order to be able to fulfil their academic potential
  • To identify and make maximum use of opportunities for modelling fluent English and encouraging students to practise and extend their use of English
  • To encourage and enable parental support in improving children’s attainment.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At LJFS, we believe that all students are entitled to access a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum whatever their individual needs or disabilities.

Staff will be responsible for the early identification, assessment, monitoring, teaching and inclusion of students with specific needs or disability as an integral part of raising standards.

We are committed to ensuring that all students with specific needs or disabilities are fully included in the educational and social life of the school and will remove all barriers to this.

LJFS seeks to always involve parents as partners in their child’s learning, and will work in partnership with outside agencies and/or schools.

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Responsibility for co-ordination of Inclusive provision

The Academy Trust, in co-operation with the Interim Executive Headteacher, will be responsible for the school’s general policy and approach to provision for students with specific needs and disability.