We understand the need for children to feel safe, well and happy in order to achieve to the best of their ability. Day–to–day pastoral care is provided by our own specialist staff and members of the senior leadership team. We think this is crucial to ensure that every pupil is well known and can reap the full benefits of their small school setting. Pupils are arranged into tutor groups, led by a form tutor who will stay with them throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 . The form tutor has a key role in ensuring that pupil’s social and emotional needs are met within school and are supported by a Learning Mentor as required. A real advantage of LJFS is our small class sizes, which means we can get to know each of our pupils and their families very well.

Class size and Organization

LJFS has a maximum class size of 28 students, and one class per year group. Our close working relationship with Brodetsky Primary school allows us to share relevant resources and expertise. It also means we can offer our pupils invaluable opportunities to develop their mentoring and leadership skills through working with younger pupils.

Our pupils are grouped into tutor groups, led by our own staff who are responsible for all pastoral provision. Form tutors remain with their tutor group throughout Years 7 to 11 and are the main day to day contact for parents. There are formal opportunities to meet with form tutors and other teaching staff throughout the year. Parents can also of course request a meeting with their child’s form tutor at any other time to discuss any points of interest or concern. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact the Interim Executive Headteacher

Arrangements for Sixth Form are explained here.