Jewish Values and Ethos

Guiding Principals and School Ethos

Our ambition for Leeds Jewish Free School is that it becomes a positive choice for all local parents who are looking for an ambitious secondary school, which places academic excellence, spiritual wellbeing and strong moral ethics at the heart of school life. Our ethos is one of tzedek, mishpat, chessed rachamim. That is: integrity, respect, kindness and a sense of reverence or compassion toward the laws and rules of the school. It should promote an active sense of citizenship and regard for the common good. So LJFS should not only teach Judaism. We must live the values of Judaism.

As a one-form entry school, with a class size of 25, we’ll be able to get to know each pupil well, and support and encourage them based on an in-depth understanding of how they learn best. The school will take children on an exciting educational journey to discover the joy of learning and the satisfaction in achieving their best. A strong pastoral care system will be in place because we understand that it’s harder for children to achieve if they don’t feel happy and confident.

LJFS prepares its students for lifelong Jewish learning, spiritual growth and religious practice. LJFS’s teaching and learning aims to inspire its students and provides opportunities to engage actively with Jewish texts, to experience and participate in Jewish practice, and to connect with God through tefillah (prayer) and mitzvot (commandments and good deeds). LJFS encourages students to articulate their Jewish identity confidently, cultivate a love of, awareness of and responsibility to Jewish heritage and teachings, and expect that the students will have the opportunity to develop confidence and competence to participate in an Orthodox Jewish service. LJFS teaches Ivrit, not only as a modern foreign language, but also as a vehicle linking Jewish heritage and practice to Israel. For Jewish pupils we’ll work to make sure that their time at LJFS makes them proud of their faith, heritage and community.

For all pupils, regardless of faith, we will ensure that they develop into confident learners, able to adapt successfully to their world, take on new challenges and contribute to their community.

Our belief in the value of family and community drove our school proposal and we’ll make sure those values are reflected throughout the school. For example, our close links with the Primary School provides our pupils opportunities to mentor and nurture those younger than themselves. We will also welcome families in to see children work and perform and also take part in the social life of the school.

By providing a full after-school enrichment programme we’ll help to create a vibrant place, where young people can enjoy a full social life.

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