LJFS house information

LJFS: House System

Leeds Jewish Free School provides all students with the opportunity to take a fully inclusive part in a whole school House teams. The House System is designed to encourage students to extend their learning in a range of curriculum areas. It is hoped that students will also develop a sense of community cohesion and responsibility within their Houses..

Our house names are built upon our values. As a Jewish faith school our Jewish ethos is core to ensuring our students’ success.  We expect all our students to not only know our values but to live our values, whether it be in the relation of teachers to pupils, pupils to teachers, pupils to one another, as well as towards the outside world.

Tzedek: Integrity & respect for one another and our different beliefs

Chessed: Kindness, especially to the sensitive and the vulnerable

Mishpat: Deep respect towards the rules and laws of the school and society

Rachamim: Compassion & Forgiveness