Jewish Life

Jewish Life at LJFS

Our students come to us from diverse Jewish backgrounds and with varying knowledge, experience and levels of belief, tradition and practice. Such diversity is our strength – we embrace the opportunity to have such a broad spectrum of young people, developing Jewish values together is one that we cherish.

Our formal Jewish Studies programme engages students in lively debate on moral issues and dilemmas that are relevant in today’s world, we have a full time Jewish Studies teacher who ensures all our students spiritual journey is as important as their academic. Our fully resourced Jewish Life room ensures all the students have everything they need.

At LJFS we offer many opportunities for prayer and introspection. Each week, students have reflection time in their form groups, look at portions from the Torah and students are invited to attend daily prayers led by our School Wardens. It is hoped that students grow in their Jewish identity throughout their journey at LJFS.  Jewish boys are invited to have Tefillah lessons, the girls take part in the Bat Chayil group each year. We have Friday morning Minyan which is open to the whole community as well has assemblies each week.

Who do we support this year?

Every year LJFS supports a combination of Jewish, non-Jewish, and Israeli charities. This year, the theme for charity within the school is combating antisemitism and promoting Jewish advocacy. This year, we are supporting the following three charities:

CST – The Community Security Trust is focused on protecting our Jewish community. Their goals are to promote good relations between British Jews and the rest of British society by working towards the elimination of racism, antisemitism, extremism, policing and security.

Stand with Us Stand with Us is a charity supporting Israel and fighting Antisemitism around the world.