Pupil Premium

The school may receive additional funding for a range of students who are seen as having additional barriers to learning. These include:

  • Pupil Premium (PP) – Pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at some time in the last six years
  • Children Who Have Been Looked After (CLA) – Pupils who are in the care of the local Authority, including foster care.
  • Former Looked After Children – Pupils who were once in the care of the Local Authority, including adopted children.
  • Services Children – Pupils with at least one parent who is, or has served, in the armed forces.

This funding must be used to support these pupils overcome barriers and help ensure that, if needed, they close any academic gaps with their peers. Good attendance as well as academic support play a key part in meeting these objectives.

In 2017 – 2018 academic year the school received £28,828 of Pupil Premium funding. This was used in the following ways:

  • Full financial support for School Uniform purchase
  • Full financial support for school trips
  • Learning Mentor support for attendance, homework and pastoral needs

However, it is important to note that the support of all pupils is bespoke and is varied throughout the year and is not conditional on there being specific funding available.

This financial year, using the expected £29,920 and £2,000 Catch Up Funding, school has further enhanced the quality and increased the class based and pastoral support to give grater opportunity for pupils improve and reach their full potential.

As always we have also invested a significant portion of our budget into the high teacher/student ratio (currently 12 to 1) which supports targeted and individual provision.

End of Key Stage 4 Pupil Premium Outcomes

Average Total Attainment 8All54.47
Non-Pupil Premium57.36
Pupil Premium48.1
Average Attainment 8 GradeAll5.45
Non-Pupil Premium5.74
Pupil Premium4.81
Average KS2 Prior AttainmentAll4.75
Non-Pupil Premium4.94
Pupil Premium4.38
Average Estimated A8All48.28
Non-Pupil Premium52.35
Pupil Premium40.15
Average Total Progress 8All0.393
Non-Pupil Premium0.222
Pupil Premium0.735

2018-19 Pupil Premium Report

The Pupil Premium funding is spent in a variety of ways with the aim of narrowing the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achievers. This funding is spent on both academic needs and pastoral initiatives and trips:

  • Pupil Premium has been used to fund additional small group feedback and support  in core subjects
  • Assistance with uniform,
  • Resources have been purchased for pupil premium students for use in classrooms
  • Subsidised trips to the world war one battlefields and Malham


2017-18 Pupil Premium Report