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School Ethos

As a Jewish faith school our Jewish ethos is core to ensuring our students’ success.  We expect all our students to not only know our values but to live our values, whether it be in the relation of teachers to pupils, pupils to teachers, pupils to one another, as well as towards the outside world.

Tzedek: Integrity & respect for one another and our different beliefs

Chessed: Kindness, especially to the sensitive and the vulnerable

Mishpat: Deep respect towards the rules and laws of the school and society

Rachamim: Compassion & Forgiveness

Headteacher’s Welcome – Charlie Kelsey

Leeds Jewish Free School set out a decade ago to build and grow a vibrant Jewish secondary school in Leeds offering a first class education.

Our Orthodox Jewish values and ethos, offer a caring, supportive environment which is reinforced by high standards of behaviour, allowing each and every child to develop a lifelong love of learning.

We believe in small class sizes and a balanced curriculum that will help develop a wide range of skill sets to ensure stability and flexibility of learning.

We have the very highest expectations of both staff and students.

We balance individuality with collaboration, helping all students to discover what they love and a direction that will help them flourish in life.  Preparing students for every stage of their school life and beyond is paramount.  We ensure that the curriculum is matched to student needs and that every student is set challenging targets – both for academic work and for personal development.

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Our Vision

The Leeds Jewish Free School is a Modern Orthodox Jewish School which aims to offer outstanding educational provision that ensures high academic standards, a strong moral ethic, a joy of learning, high aspirations and an expectation to contribute to the local community.  This is underpinned by its strong Jewish ethos and an innovative educational model.

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