Leadership Team

Leadership and Staff

Our Executive Headteacher, Mrs Susy Hardacre, provides campus wide strategic leadership. Having a successful career as a middle and secondary trained teacher, Mrs Hardacre is uniquely qualified having experience leading and managing organisations from 4 – 16 years of age.

Executive Headteacher Responsibilities

Mrs Hardacre is responsible for the strategic leadership of LJFS including:

  • Curriculum Provision
  • Quality of Teaching & Learning
  • Staffing and Performance Management
  • Premises and Resources
  • Finances
  • Relationship with Brodetsky Primary School
  • Relationship with the Jewish and wider community
  • Promoting the school and its provision

Professional Development

A programme of CPD has been defined which is in line with the school’s Development Plan and Performance Management objectives. Through the school’s Executive Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher, a programme of training and professional development has been established, with a defined element of the school’s budget to fund this.

Leadership Staff

Mrs Hardacre is supported by a Deputy Headteacher, Miss Sam Lawson who has key responsibilities including safeguarding, assuring the quality of teaching and learning, staff CPD (see above),  and building and maintaining relationships with the wider community.

The needs of students who require additional and specialist support is managed by the school SENCO, Charlotte Kelsey.

A Jewish ethos is of course at the core of what we offer to all our students, irrespective of their faith background. Our Head of Jewish Studies, Sagi Yechezkel is responsible for the learning and promoting our ethos and values through both an enriching, dynamic curriculum and  a variety of extra curricular events.

Mr Paul Staniland is the school finance director and senior administration officer.  He is responsible for setting and monitoring the school budget, preparing monthly management accounts, submitting returns to funding bodies, purchasing of goods and services, oversight of the external examination procedures and the general administrative non curriculum services in the school.