We welcome all prospective students and parents/carers to visit the school by appointment, when a tour of the school can easily be arranged. Alternatively come and see us at our next open evening.

If your child is requesting a place mid-year (in all school years), moving from another school or you moved into the area etc, you can use the “In Year Common Preference Form” (ICPF) below. This form is not for the new Year 7 pupils starting in September.   To make an application for a new year 7 start please refer to the school’s admission policy for guidance  and the Leeds City Council website to make the admissions application.

Admissions Policy 2020 – 2021

Admissions Policy 2021 – 2022

In Year Common Preference Form

The admission of students with an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP)  in relation to Special Education Needs and Disabilities is dealt with by a completely separate procedure. This procedure concerns the making and maintaining of EHCPs  by the student’s home Local Education Authority. Details of this separate procedure are set out in the Special Education Needs Code of Practice.

Special Education Needs Code of Practice

Comments on our proposed admissions arrangements for entry into year 7 at Leeds Jewish Free School in September 2020 can be submitted to Susy Hardacre using the email address: