Post 16 Options and Careers

LJFS recognises the importance of a careers provision that prepares students for the world of work.  To this end, we have a 5 year structured careers programme that is aspirational for all our students. We meet and monitor our statutory responsibilities through regular Compass audits and measure the impact against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

In years 7-9 we have a dedicated lesson for a full term around careers- this is complimented by a term of both digital literacy and citizenship.  In Year 10, careers is part of our RHSE curriculum and includes work experience.  In Year 11, we offer a mentoring scheme for all students to plan their post-16 pathway and there are elements of RHSE dedicated to the world of work.

Throughout school, students are encouraged to access the careers library and experience the world of work. Opportunities are provided to attend external careers fairs and learn about higher education and apprenticeships, we provide independent careers advice and workshops.  Students regularly audit their own skill set in preparation for the workplace, working alongside parents and school staff  to ensure they plan to achieve, and attain, full learning and career potential.

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