The Zone

Welcome To The Zone

A 2nd home for many of our Jewish Community and Campus Youth. The Zone is a centre offering a diverse range of activities, projects and events.

The Zone is a place of happiness, hope, opportunity and aspiration.

It’s a centre that engages young people from an early age, encourages them with new hobbies and skills learning opportunities and where those young people come back when they are older, during their university years to help mentor the young members.

We believe a good youth centre sets a child-free; free from the constraints of some home-life and school rules.

It’s a place where young people can open up their minds and hearts and where they are understood.

Good citizenship is promoted in all areas of club life. Every child matters at The Zone, irrespective of physical, mental ability or additional needs.

As our doors open, all social, economic and religious barriers are broken down creating a harmonious, cohesive community of youth.

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