About Us

At LJFS we offer secondary school provision in Leeds for children aged 11 to 16 that ensures high academic standards, a strong moral ethic, a joy of learning, high aspirations and an expectation to contribute to the local community. This is underpinned by a strong Jewish ethos and is based in the national curriculum.

LJFS opened in September 2013 taking in its first cohort of Y7 students. LJFS is a significant new development for Leeds. This fantastic partner is providing the majority of the secular teaching on our campus together with our own core staff. Every pupil attending LJFS will be provided with the educational expertise of one of the leading schools in the North of England.

We are committed to ensuring our students make a full and active contribution to school life where they are inspired and motivated to achieve excellence. We want our students to be excited by learning and have the highest aspirations for themselves and the community. They will be able to take this forward to lead successful adult lives and to leave a lasting mark on the school and city that educated them.

LJFS aims to enrich the lives of all its students through the sharing of core Jewish values, which are universal and are appropriate for those of all religions and none. LJFS encourages all its students to engage actively in lifelong learning, social and environmental action and consider their responsibilities as future citizens in order to serve the community. All the students are taught to be knowledgeable and respectful of the beliefs, customs and practices of others.

LJFS is a school that we are all proud of and every family considering it for their child will be offered the chance of a personal tour and meeting with me. Please contact us if you would like the opportunity to visit the school and find out what we have to offer.

Mrs Charlie Kelsey,  Interim Executive Headteacher