The school, its staff, the Governing Body Directors and Members are accountable to parents, the wider local community and to the Department for Education.

Our Governing Body has a maximum of 15 members, including two elected parent governors, four community governors, one staff governor and the Executive Principal. The other seven governors are members of Leeds Jewish Free School Limited (the Trust set up to run LJFS).

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the school has a proper Child Protection policy and procedures in place and works closely with the Executive Principal on the school’s strategy.


Our Governors

Cllr. Dan Cohen (Chair)

Dan is a Director of Brodetsky Schools Limited and Leeds Jewish Free School Limited, as well as holding a governor position at both schools.

Dan is Managing Director of a Leeds based marketing and distribution SME and is, in addition, a practising solicitor with over 10 years of experience in education and education law.

Dan is a father to three young children, and is fully committed to ensuring that the young people of the Jewish community in Leeds have access to high quality local Jewish education.

Dan is the governor responsible for performance management, inclusion and attendance, race equality and is also chair of the teaching and learning committee.


Alex Abrams (Vice Chair)

Alex is a member of Leeds Jewish Free School Limited and is currently Vice Chair of the Governing Body.

He is also the Operations Director at Madison Hosiery Ltd , Director of Youth Services at BHH Synagogue, and leader of a local Beaver troop.

Alex has two children, one is in the first cohort (year 7) at LJFS and the other one currently at Brodetsky Primary School.

Alex is the Governor responsible for Health and Safety for LJFS, and Governor training for both LJFS and Brodetsky Primary School.


Henry Cohen

Henry is a Director of Leeds Jewish Free School as well as being a governor of Wigton Moor primary school. He has been involved in many community projects over the years, being vice president of Leeds Jewish Welfare Board for number of years.  He is a patron of the Board and also a patron of Brodetsky Primary School and is involved in a number of local charities.

Professionally Henry is an Accountant and chairman of Madison Hosiery.

He is the director responsible for day to day running of the campus.


Rabbi Jason Kleiman

Rabbi Kleiman is currently a Foundation Governor and Chaplain at Brodetsky Primary School, as well as a member of Leeds Jewish Free School Limited.

Rabbi Kleiman has served congregations in Reading, Catford, and Ilford and was the Headteacher of the Hebrew Schools in these communities. He is currently the Minister of the Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue in Leeds.


Rabbi Reuven Cohen

Rabbi Cohen is a member of Leeds Jewish Free School Limited, a community Rabbi and the Director of the Lubavitch Youth Organisation since 1980. He has over 30 years’ experience in the delivery of informal and formal Jewish education and pastoral care within the Leeds community.

Rabbi Cohen is the Governor responsible for Limmud Kodesh.


Spencer Weiner

Spencer is a member of Leeds Jewish Free School Limited and also the Commercial Director of Madison Hosiery Ltd.

Spencer has 2 children, one of which is currently at Brodetsky Primary School. His other child is currently attending King david in Manchester.

Spencer is on the executive of LJOY (Leeds Jewish Orthodox Youth) which provides both social and informal religious learning for years 5 up to 6th form. He is responsible for running the finances.

He is also chair of the Alwoodley Conservatives Association and acts as agent for all candidates for North Leeds.

Spencer has led the procurement of a new catering provider for both schools and is currently the Governor responsible for ensuring the quality of catering provision on campus.


Alan Dunwell

Alan is a member of Leeds Jewish Free School Limited and is a Governor at Brodetsky Primary School. Alan has over 25 years’ experience in advising privately owned and public sector organisations. He currently acts as an external auditor/adviser to fifteen academies, including primary and secondary schools.

Alan is the governor with responsibility for audit.


Dr Jason Broch

As well as a Governor and member at LJFS, Jason is a partner in a busy GP practice, which covers a wide range of patients from all sections of the community. He sits on the Executive Board of a GP Commissioning Consortium with over 200,000 patients from 25 surgeries. He has additional strategic roles within the Primary Care Trust working on new governance, collaboration and GP appraisal.

Jason is the governor responsible for child protection and safeguarding.


Lee Lipman

Lee is a Parent Governor and member of LJFS. He is a Buying Director for a local firm and has 2 children, one currently in year 8 at LJFS and the other at Brodetsky Primary School. Lee serves on both the marketing & Teaching and Learning committees for LJFS.