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Our Vision

Our vision is to offer secondary school provision in Leeds for children aged 11 to 18 (school years 7 to 13), that ensures high academic standards, a strong moral ethic, a joy of learning, high aspirations and an expectation to contribute to the local community. This will be underpinned by a strong Jewish ethos and based in the National Curriculum.

Every student will leave the school having enjoyed their education, achieved well and proud of their faith, heritage and community. All students will see themselves as proud citizens or residents of Britain, respectful and understanding of all other members of its diverse community and contributing at all levels. These aspirations will be key drivers for our curriculum at all Key Stages and in all subjects. Our students will have access to education which meets these specific needs without family income being a barrier.


The new school year starts!

The staffing of LJFS has moved into its next phase with the school now formally employing some of its staff itself for the first time.  This might seem like a strange change as many might assume that it has employed staff all along.

Since opening all the staff have been employed by either the Rodillian Academy or Brodetsky Jewish Primary School ( BJPS ).  As the school enlarged it was always the intention to start employing its staff whilst maintaining a strong relationship with both Rodillian and BJPS.

Susy Jagger (Deputy Headteacher & Maths)  and Sam Lawson (English) have both transferred from the Rodillian MAT team to formally join LJFS.  Rodillian will continue to employ the remaining staff.  To support this development Jagdeep Dhaliwal (Geography and Resilience) will work fulltime at LJFS over the next year providing senior teacher support to Susy Jagger.  He will remain a Rodillian employee.  We are very pleased to have secured this core team who play a key part in developing LJFS further as our first Year 10 cohort start their GCSE studies.

Daliah Aibi (Learning Mentor) and Joe Jagger (Graduate Coach, Maths & PE) are transferring from BJPS employment to the LJFS staff team.  This is a practical move but still significant.

When the school opened in 2013, and through 2014, the only member of staff always available to LJFS, 5 days a week, was Mr Dunford.  Even then his time was shared with BJPS.  We now have a team of five staff available every day, all the year round providing the consistency to all the students whilst Jewish Studies staff (from BJPS) and secular subject staff (Rodillian) continue to provide high quality teaching, learning and progress  throughout the year.

This underlines our commitment to the model and promises we made when opening the school. These commitments were made to the DfE firstly, but more importantly to the students and families of LJFS. As a result LJFS grows from strength to strength each year on The Henry Cohen Campus, which is now a flagship campus for Jewish communities in the UK.


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