At Leeds Jewish Free School, our curriculum is broad, aspirational and underpinned by our vision for every child to achieve their full potential.  The curriculum remains relevant and bespoke to each cohort and we can offer flexibility and personalised learning for success due to our unique size. Our students follow learning maps in each subject that monitor and ensure progress irrespective of their starting point and whether they may be EAL, SEND or any other perceived barrier.  We want every graduate of LJFS to take their next steps with self-belief and confidence in addition to playing an active role in the Jewish community in Leeds.

The key principles behind the design of our curriculum are-

  • that all teaching follows logically sequenced steps that form part of a coherent whole
  • to support existing learning through embedding knowledge and skills as well as developing more complex understanding of subjects as students mature
  • that learning is ambitious in its scope including a wide range of cultural capital in addition to excellent GCSE outcomes
  • that it remains adaptable and flexible to allow us to respond to student need that can be understood more readily through the size and nature of our school