Teaching and Learning

LJFS is a developing,  exciting and challenging curriculum. Our pupils work longer hours than in a typical secondary school – 34 periods of formal classes a week – and all pupils benefit from extended curriculum opportunities.

We commit time to Jewish Studies, Hebrew and offer a bespoke curriculum for students who desire to deepen their knowledge of the Jewish faith.

The overall education being provided for our pupils is much more than just the subject allocations described on our website. As well as the  timetabled lessons detailed, we provide specific LK + lessons for our year 7 pupils.  In both key stages 3 and 4, students are offered a space for private study and access to a homework help club, provision from the pupil support department. In key stages 4 (and in some cases for year 9), subject specific study support and ‘drop in’ academic support clinics are run daily, before, after and during lunchtimes.

In addition to this, all students have 25 minutes of form or prayer time every day. The school day runs from 8.15 to 3.50pm to accommodate these extra lessons (except for Friday when we finish at 2:30pm for Shabbat). We emphasise the wider skills of citizenship and personal, social and health education across the curriculum but in particular we allocate 3 x 20 minute PSHE and Citizenship lessons every week.

We also offer extra curricular opportunities like trampolining, table tennis, Japanese, English and Maths clubs.

We discuss individual curriculum pathways with pupils and their parents particularly in year 9 and year 11, as students prepare for the transition to Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form, College or Apprenticeships.

At all times our priority is to ensure every single student makes progress and achieves their potential, following the pathway of their choice. Our specialist and dedicated staff ensure that lessons meet individual needs, supported by the best information technology and teaching and learning resources.