Alwoodley Extended Services

LJFS will be part of the Alwoodley Extended Services, a group of schools and partners who have chosen to work together to deliver the Extended Services Core Offer for children, young people and families in our community.

Our vision for pupils through being part of Extended Services is that all children and young people are able to say:

  • I know that I matter.
  • I am helped when needed.
  • I am cared for out of school.
  • I know what activities are available for me and my family in the community.
  • My parent or carer knows how and where to get help.
  • I am happy, safe and healthy.
  • I make a contribution to my community.
  • I have a great future ahead.


We work with the Cluster Leadership Group, which oversees the work of Extended Services and the Children’s Centre. We are supported on campus by all cluster staff (Targeted Services Leader, Cluster Manager, Parent Support Adviser, Counsellor and Attendance Improvement Officer).

This means that LJFS will be at the heart of its local schools community, ensuring links between LJFS pupils and families and others within the local community.