Grounded in the core Jewish values of the importance of family, of education and of being an active contributor to the community, the school will be open to pupils of all faiths and none.

As an inclusive school LJFS welcomes all pupils irrespective of their specific needs. Through our Special Educational Needs Co–ordinator (SENCO) and our Inclusion Manager we will ensure that we work closely with outside agencies and the Local Authority to ensure that individual children’s needs are well met.

English as an Additional Language

    LJFS has committed:

  • To give all students the opportunity to overcome any barrier to learning and assessment (See Inclusion Policy)
  • To welcome and value the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences that students with EAL bring to LJFS
  • To implement school–wide strategies to ensure that EAL students are supported in accessing the full curriculum
  • To help EAL students to become confident and fluent in speaking and listening, reading and writing in English in order to be able to fulfil their academic potential
  • To identify and make maximum use of opportunities for modelling fluent English and encouraging students to practise and extend their use of English
  • To encourage and enable parental support in improving children’s attainment.

Our full policy can be accessed here

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At LJFS, we believe that all students are entitled to access a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum whatever their individual needs or disabilities.

Staff will be responsible for the early identification, assessment, monitoring, teaching and inclusion of students with specific needs or disability as an integral part of raising standards.

We are committed to ensuring that all students with specific needs or disabilities are fully included in the educational and social life of the school and will remove all barriers to this.

LJFS seeks to always involve parents as partners in their child’s learning, and will work in partnership with outside agencies and/or schools.

More information can be read here.

Responsibility for co-ordination of Inclusive provision

The Academy Trust, in co-operation with the Executive Headteacher, will be responsible for the school’s general policy and approach to provision for students with specific needs and disability.

Our full policy can be accessed here