Behaviour – Statement of Principles

Leeds Jewish Free School will be a caring and positive place of learning where rules and standards are in the best interests of all. This is embodied by the school ethos and core values of:

  • A strong moral ethic

  • Developing a joy for learning

  • Striving for excellence

  • Self discipline

  • Support for the local community

The school is committed to ensuring that every person behaves in a responsible and acceptable manner which demonstrates:

  • Care, courtesy and respect for others, regardless of whether they are staff, students, friends or visitors

  • Care and respect for each other’s property and belongings

  • Care and respect for the school environment

The school firmly believes that outstanding student achievement will result from a more effective environment for learning, supported by high standards of teaching which meet the needs of all individuals. As individuals, all students are entitled to their rights while at the same time having responsibilities to ensure the following:

  • The right to be safe, valued and respected — free from disruptive violence, bullying and any form of harassment

  • The right to work and learn

  • The right to be seen as an individual

To enable a clear, consistent and agreed approach towards successful behaviour management, all students have the responsibility to ensure that they understand the rules, behave appropriately and fully understand the consequences and rewards resulting from the decisions and actions they take. Positive achievement is encouraged at all times with a whole range of rewards to recognise effort and achievement.

The school wishes to promote the partnership between staff, students and parents/carers to develop good relationships and have high expectations. Communication will be primarily made through the student’s tutor, or in their absence, the Deputy Headteacher. The school is committed to ensure that there is:

A Home-School agreement agreed by staff, parents and students

A set of clearly defined rules and procedures

An agreed system of rewards and sanctions

A systematic approach to disciplinary matters

Bullying will always be taken seriously and will not be tolerated from any member of the school: student or staff.

We will also ensure there is fair treatment for all regardless of age, gender, race, ability, sexual orientation and disability.

The school staff and students will aim to maintain the highest standard of behaviour at all times.

Our full behavior policy can be viewed by clicking on this link: LJFS_Behaviour Policy – Reviewed June 2016